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Current courses include: EMR, EMT, AEMT and all the card courses you might need!

Texas Jurisprudence Exam Course 

Jon Puryear, a respected and well known provider of EMS Refresher courses, has provided a CE (it’s 3 hours of credit) for the Texas Jurisprudence Exam Course on his website for $1.00.  

                Got to: https://www.jonpuryear.com/recorded-classes.html and scroll down to the bottom (it’s item #4)

 Read the instructions, click on the link that’s in red, then take the class. Once you have a certificate, you’re good for your next DSHS recertification cycle!

For students of EMS Online Training Plus, this course will meet the requirement for new students. EMS Online Training Plus will pay for their students to take this course.

We're an online/hybrid EMS school. That means you can do the book work as you want, when you want (although there are DSHS mandated timelines!) and then meet with one of our instructional staff for skills training and testing. We do also offer traditional classes, so please contact us through the contacts page for that. And, we also offer card courses - lots of them. Browse the menus above to find out more, or reach out to us! We're here and happy to help.

  • EMS Classes (EMR, EMT, AEMT)

  • Card Classes (CPR, ACLS, PALS)

  • Card Class Skills (if you've done the online class)

  • NR Skills Verification for recertification

  • NR Skills Prep (contact us for details)

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