EMS Skills Verification

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Skills verification is available for First Responder (ECA or EMR)  and Emergency Medical Technician for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.


Verification for any advanced level for NREMT purposes is required to take place at an NREMT Test site.  https://www.nremt.org/nremt/CbtEmtServices/candidate_locate_exam.asp?secID=1

Individuals requiring skills examination for the Texas Department of State Health Services EMS Compliance certification are eligible for testing with our Academy.

Price List: NREMT and Texas Skills Verification

First Responder (ECA,EMR)  5 skills required

*Optional Skills Review session prior to testing $125.00

5 Skills Testing $100.00

skills retest $30.00 per skill per retest if no review package purchased.


Emergency Medical Technician 10 skills required

*Optional Skills Review Session prior to testing $150.00

10 skills required $250.00

Skills retest $30.00 per skill per retest if no review package purchased.

Texas Skills Verification for Advanced Levels not requiring NREMT Advanced Skills Test site


$25.00 per skill equivalent to Emergency Medical Technician Level

And $30.00 per skill for all Advance level skills required.


*Optional  $175.00 skills review session prior to testing

$250.00 skills exam

Skills retest $30.00 per Basic level skill requiring retest

Advanced skills retest per skill if no review session $40.00 per skill

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